Science360 – surround yourself with science


Description: *FREE app at time of post *  The National Science Foundation (NSF) brings you a myriad of science- and engineering-related images and videos to explore in the Science360 app.  Students can choose media from the 360 view, search tags for content, or look through the newsfeed for the latest uploads.  When viewing each image/video, there is a caption button that students can press to find out more information about the topic, and all media can be saved (click on the star) to easily locate information later.

Compatible with the following device(s): iPad

Implementation in classroom:

– Activity idea: This app would be great to use as part of a scientific literacy development project.  Students can work in groups to explore the media offered in this app.  These videos can spark science-related questions they may want to pursue or present interesting information that makes students curious.  Groups pick a topic/question/problem they want to learn more about, and then conduct research using multiple print or digital sources.  Each student records notes along the way.  When finished with the researching phase, groups must create a digital project (movie, slideshow, etc.) that includes visuals, text, and voice to demonstrate their ability to integrate the information they learned.

– Time allotment:  App time can vary depending on how long the teacher gives groups to view/explore.  This project can be broken up into pieces that spans days/weeks to fit the needs of the students/teacher.

– Potential standards (CCSS/NGSS) addressed:

Various NGSS topics are addressed in this app.

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RI.5.7 Draw on information from multiple print or digital sources, demonstrating the ability to locate an answer to a question quickly or to solve a problem efficiently.

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RI.6.7 Integrate information presented in different media or formats (e.g., visually, quantitatively) as well as in words to develop a coherent understanding of a topic or issue.

– Student groupings and management: Groups of 3-4.  Teacher might work with students to create a general outline of the time they have for each phase of the project in order to manage students’ progress.  Students might have to meet checkpoints like submitting their topic/question (with the image/video that inspired them), finishing the research phase, finishing their report, planning their project, and finishing their project.

– Additional materials needed: Possibly other apps/devices depending on availability and student choice.

– Accountability/assessment: Teachers can have each individual write a report (standard assessment) or participate in a wiki that allows the group to collaboratively write a report together (alternative assessment).  In the wiki, the teacher should be able to track the contributions each student made to the final product.

– Tips/reminders: Any time teachers have students researching online, they must ensure students’ safety and privacy.  Remember to remind students about Internet safety, and potentially choose websites that are age-appropriate for them.

Other information:

Preview this app on iTunes!

– This app requires wifi or 3G to stream videos.



*All photos are screenshots from the app and belong to the app creators. Use of media is only for educational/informative purposes in hopes to increase awareness of the app’s potential application in elementary classrooms.  Please notify me if I should remove said photos.*


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